Themosis framework release 2.0.2 and more…

The Themosis framework 2.0.2 has been released. But while the framework continue to evolve at its own pace, we're putting the framework in hard work by building the first enterprise support platform for our professional users.


Form group class name

When rendering a form on the front-end side, which we refer to the end-user interface, the group div html element has now a CSS class based on its name for better styling.

Attributes support on ReactJS custom fields

When defining attributes on a custom field used in combination with a metabox, the rendered field now takes care of user-defined attributes. It is for example possible to attach “data-” attributes to a field:

Metabox::make('sample', 'post')
    ->add(Field::text('author', [
        'data-genre' => 'fantasy'

Pass custom data on a field custom view

When building a field with a custom view, you can now pass custom data to it by using the with method on your field instance. This is helpful when customizing the look of a core field or building your own:

    ->with('text', __('Forgot your password ?', APP_TD))

You can also pass multiple data to the with method using an array:

        'text' => __('Forgot your password ?', APP_TD),
        'url' => wp_lostpassword_url()


  • Administration page routing when defined as a sub-page of a core WordPress page (Themes, Tools, Settings, …)
  • Media and Collection field thumbnail if the original image has a size smaller than the “thumbnail” image size.
  • Mark as checked a checkbox field with a default value

Themosis Enterprise support

In march I launched a first survey in order to get some insights about the Themosis framework user base experience. I also asked in which service people are willing to pay in order to contribute financially to the projet and help me expand the framework.

The results coming out of this survey are 2 services:

  • Training
  • Dedicated support

While I’m also preparing a free training series by refactoring the “Bookstore” project, I’m currently putting the framework in hard test by building a dedicated enterprise support platform. Combining both of best worlds, Laravel and WordPress.

WordPress is responsible of the publishing content, marketing and is used as well as a back-office interface to control the application data. The Laravel packages handle the core of the application, the customer authentication, validation and customer in-app dashboard and tickets.

While it is a bit too soon to reveal the details about the application architecture, the support service itself is a monthly subscription based service.

More information coming soon about the Themosis Enterprise Support service. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our newsletter and be informed about the service release.

Themosis Enterprise Support
Themosis Enterprise Support preview

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions ! 😀

6 thoughts on “Themosis framework release 2.0.2 and more…

  1. Roville Sarate

    Been waiting for this.

  2. William

    Great news. Can’t wait to subscribe to that service !

  3. Roville Sarate

    How do you upgrade to this version?

    1. Julien Lambé

      Simply run a `composer update` command from the root of your project in the terminal. By default, the framework dependency is configured to accept all minor releases.

      1. Roville Sarate

        When I run composer update on the root folder of themosis. it says Nothing to install or update. at: public_html/themosis/

        When i check the vendor themosis framework folder. nothing seems to have changes.

        1. Julien Lambé

          Can you please open an issue on the themosis/framework GitHub repository:

          As a last side note, you can check the versions of your installed packages by looking at the `composer.lock` file and search for the “themosis/framework” package.

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