A Themosis framework helpdesk

You probably heard some little stuff regarding our first service for enterprise. If not, welcome! In fact, we're about to introduce a support plan for professionals in order to help you better implement the Themosis framework in your web projects.

But before releasing it to the public, we thought it might be useful for people to get a glimpse of what is the Themosis Enterprise Support service and why providing such a service.

What is the Themosis Enterprise Support service anyway ?

Themosis Support
Themosis Support – Photo by Burst on Unsplash

As its name suggests, it is a service aimed to all web professionals working with the Themosis framework. The title here may contain the “enterprise” word but frankly the service is open to any individuals, going from freelancers to agencies and large companies.

Basically it is a helpdesk platform, built from scratch, with the Themosis framework (eat your own food, right ?), that gives you e-mail/message support access to us.

It is simple, you connect, create a support “ticket” by filling in a title and a description of your issue and you publish it. Our support is notified and we respond to your issue and try to provide you the best solution to your problem.

It is a monthly subscription and you can stop and then renew at any time you want. No yearly plan for this one.

Key features

The service is “team-based” and your team is represented by your legal organization or entity. We send the invoice to your organization, not you as a person.

When you create an account on the platform, you build an account for your “company” in large and as the first user of the service, you become the “owner”. You can then manage the overall service, invite new members for a tiny additional fee and access your billing history.

All members of your team/organization can report an issue through a support ticket. For now, tickets are not shared between the members so everyone can handle his/her own issues privately. There is no limit on the number of tickets you can open with our support.

To help you describe your issue, the service handles the Markdown syntax, so you can easily format your message and share large blocks of code with us using the triple backticks syntax. You can also provide the language of your code snippet for better syntax highlighting. The only exception for now is the support of images. If you need to share an image of your issue, it is best to share a link from a file storage service.

Support ticket

Finally, as a user, you get notified each time a response to your ticket is submitted.

Oh and one more thing… support is available in both english and français.

Why building a paid support service ?

Money. Or to be more explicit, we clearly need to increase revenue in order to push the Themosis framework forward and work on it.

It’s a reversed “strategy”. Instead of focusing on a paid product and offer a free support, we want to give a free open-source well documented tool to every individuals and only earn money in exchange of a real service.

We value the relationship with our users. So by subscribing to our support service, we can definitaly take the time to work on your implementation issue and collaborate with you instead of making sure you keep using our premium product.

What’s the money for then ?

First the people, in order to allocate more time in the development of the Themosis framework, fix code issues, review pull requests, provide and maintain features, documentation, tools and services.

Second, education. We want to provide better material to teach people and help them learn on how to use the Themosis framework, how they can level-up their game in building WordPress sites and applications and expand their developer skills.

Finally to support the infrastructure linked to the “software”. Pay the domain name, the hosting, the external services like emails, version control system and the software licenses we use to work on a daily basis as well as general office stuff.

Where do I sign ?

Our dedicated support service will be accessible at the following URL:

The service is now available 🚀, and if you want to be notified of upcoming news and services, do not hesitate to subscribe to our mailing list:

And if you want to fire up the discussion on the service, please write a comment below 😀