Themosis framework release 2.0.5

Probably the last minor release of the year paving the way to the development cycle of the framework release 2.1. 🤓

This minor release is short on updates and provides a few fixes regarding minor issues within the framework.


PHP Stan support

The core framework is now setup with support for PHP Stan and provide static analysis of our code base. Thanks to a pull request from Viktor Szépe, we’ll be able to enhance code quality on the core and continue to provide a more stable framework for your projects.


  • Fix Twig deprecated classes and bump version to 2.12 minimum.
  • Fix comment edit fatal error due to a variable type mismatch.
  • Fix checkbox field “checked” attribute state.
  • Fix exception on boolean data passed to a StringToBoolean transformer.
  • Fix attribute syntax on asset custom attributes.
  • Fix roorUrl() function help double slashes and admin path.

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